Control with any device.

Everybody loves music. Ever notice that we listen to music in the car, but most people don’t listen to music in their homes. Why is that? It’s because until now, it’s been hard to do. Not anymore.

We’ll install speakers throughout your home that blend beautifully with your interior and give you the ability to control it all from any of your existing devices. Mac, PC, iPhone, Android. No complicated remotes.

Sonos 1

Not your ordinary sound bar.

The Sonos playbar and playbase changed the game on sound bars. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows or stream your favorite music from Pandora, Spotify, and more.
Sonos services

Control in the palm of your hand.

Sonos 2

Create. Listen. Repeat.

Make playlists with songs from different streaming services and your personal library. Simply add songs or entire albums to the queue with a tap. Edit and rearrange on the fly. Play now for instant gratification. Save it as a Sonos playlist for repeat listening.

Sonos 3

Search everything at once.

Search across all of your music services and files. Simultaneously. Find what you love in an instant. Play it with a tap.

Sonos 4

A deeper dive into music.

Get artist bios, album reviews, and concert listings. See related artist suggestions and discover a new band. Intrigued? Add it to your queue or a playlist.

Sonos 5

Set an alarm.

Use Sonos Alarms to set up music to greet you in the morning and lull you to sleep each night. You can also set up different alarms for different speakers. And they can each play their own unique song, playlist or radio station.

Sonos 6

Room control.

Hip hop for the kitchen, soul for the living room and classic rock for the bedroom – now you can set the right mood in any room. Mix it up with different songs in different rooms or choose “group all” to hear the same beat throughout your home. You can also crank up the volume for each room individually or together.

Sonos 7

Access to music.

Music services. Your personal music library. Internet radio. Podcasts. The Sonos app puts them all in one place so you can listen to the songs and stations you love. Without switching between apps.

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