Top 5 Reasons SONOS Is The Best Whole House Audio System

TOP 5 REASONS SONOS is the best whole house audio system.

Works Together. Works Separately. One of the big problems with whole-house audio systems of the past was everybody had to listen to the same music. That’s fine if everybody in the family liked the same music and wanted to listen to it at the same time. But that’s never the case. When adding multiple rooms of audio, you want to be able to listen to rock in the den, hip hop in the kids rooms, and classical in the kitchen. Today’s systems can do that. Having a party? Party Mode allows you to group all of the rooms in your home instantly.

Start Small. Grow Big. When you’re shopping for a whole house audio system, you have to consider the future. You might start your whole house audio system in one or two rooms, with plans of growing the system over time. You want to be sure that the system that you choose is scalable over time. Adding speakers by the pool or BBQ in the spring is a great way to add to a whole house audio system.

Stream Anything- Everyone knows about the major streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. Did you know that there are 80 streaming services available? Don’t limit your new whole house audio system to just one or two available services. When it comes to streaming services live by the rule “I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”.

Connects to Your Legacy Equipment- Vinyl has made a big come back in the last few years. Feeling nostalgic for your youth? or at least the warm rich sounds of your favorite albums on vinyl? your whole-house audio system should deliver the best in streaming and connect with your legacy gear.

BlueTooth Sucks. Wifi Doesn’t.- If you have a choice, and you do, always, always, always choose WIFI over Bluetooth. Bluetooth simply doesn’t have the range that WIFI does. Bluetooth might be okay for cars and beach parties, but when you’re at home WIFI is king.

Controlling It All- Control your whole-house audio system with your mobile device, Mac or PC. Open the app, pick the room, pick the song, done. When your whole-house audio system is easy to use it makes listening to music in your home or backyard fun. And that’s what it’s all about.

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